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Throw An Unconventional Bachelorette Party With These Ideas!

  • An outing at a spa – instead of binging on junk food and alcohol, why not go in the opposite direction and opt for a healthy and relaxing vacation? Nowadays, more and more brides opt to pamper themselves (and their girlfriends) at spa centres and the like. And in turn, many spa centres now cater to these brides by providing full day packages that fit with the occasion. Between expensive facials, pedicures, manicures and relaxing in the thermal baths, you can be sure that the bride will be forever thankful for your gift when she finds her skin glowing right in time for the wedding!
  • Have a live comedy Sydney night – or if you want to give yourself some well-need mental rest instead, why not burst your veins laughing at one of the comedy clubs in your locality? This is another unusual idea for your bachelorette party – so make sure to call ahead and ask the club if they will provide you with some extra service (they might pull all the stops for you with a marriage life-centred skit!). Not to add, there are plenty of clubs willing to offer you group discounts, so make sure to consider this idea, more so if the future bride is a fan of comedy.
  • Go camping – or if you want to be your very own comedians, why not rent some camping gear and take the weekend off for a camping outing? Spending the bachelorette party under the stars at night, and amidst nature during the day makes for some excellent activities from stargazing to white water rafting. Visit this link https://happyendingscomedyclub.com.au/comedy-shows/ for more info on comedians in Sydney.
  • Make a trip to the sea – of course, you also have the alternative of planning the party at the beach, instead of in the mountains. Beach-themed bachelorette parties are in trend now, with many famous celebrities deciding to spend a vacation filled with fun water activities and sailing in the ocean. Not to add, you also get the chance to enjoy delicious seafood for the duration of your stay. There is no more need to consider other options if the bride is an ardent lover of marine life or the sea!