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Tips for Putting A Bridal Party Together


As you make plans towards your wedding, you need to have your number one support team in place. This is your bridal party. They should be able to help you through most of the planning of the wedding. However when it comes to putting together a party, be careful how you go about it. You don’t want to start too early. Also you want to choose people that will be able to carry out the roles you assign them well.

Select your maid of honor and best man

As you try to put your bridal party together, the first people you will have to think of are the best man and maid of honor. Here you have to be careful when choosing. Note that these two people are going to play an active part in the organization of the wedding so you need people who are responsible and can handle the task that lies ahead. Don’t feel obliged to ask a particular friend just because you are close. If they are close, they should also have the profile to be able to support the role. If you want you can decide to buy the formal dress in South Coast that they will be wearing on the day.

Know who you want in the party

As you put together plans for the bridal party, keep in mind who you will like to have in the party. Make sure not to ask people too early. As tempting as it may be to ask all your favorite friends to be in your party, take your time and think it over. Note that once you have asked someone to be in your party, there is no going back. You will have to stick with that decision all the way except you are lucky that the person themselves opt out.

Choose what they will wear

You will have to choose the dress that the party will wear. Obviously the color of the dress should relate to your wedding colors. Note that you don’t need to drag the whole party to choose a dress. If you can find a dress that you are happy with them, that should be find also decide on whether you will be offering the dress as a gift to the party or everyone in the party will be expected to pay for their dress. For more event needs and services, feel free to call on the guys from Wedding Bells.

Set expectations right

You need to be clear about the role that you will like the bridal party. Some people will want the party to be with them every step of the wedding preparation from choosing gowns and buying flowers to attending pre-wedding dinners and rehearsal dinners. Other will be ok with the party dressing up on the day of the wedding. Note that if you need the party to accompany you all the way, then you do not need to choose people who leave far away.