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What Must You Think About When Planning A Wedding?

Are you helping your best friend plan out her wedding because she does not want to hire a wedding planner and wants to do every single thing herself as this is something she has dreamed about forever but you still feel like you are forgetting something important? Or are you planning your wedding and plan to make all of the hires yourself because you cannot fit the service charges of a wedding planner within your budget but you still wish you had a checklist so that you can feel like you are doing everything right?

Whatever the case may be, whether you are helping your best friend plan out her wedding since she is someone who has always known exactly how she wants her wedding to be similar to the individual in the first example but you feel like you are both forgetting something or if similar to the individual in the second example, you are planning your wedding by yourself because you simply cannot afford to hire a wedding planner, if you have ever planned a wedding before, you know how exhausting and stressful the entire process can be. There are many things that you must do from preparing the guest list to hiring wedding caterers Wellington so read below to know more about this. 


One of the most important things that you must think about when you are planning your wedding, a friend’s wedding or any event for that matter is the food. What kind of food will you be serving at your wedding? How much food will you have to order? Is there a specific a theme that it must fit and also how you want the cheap wedding cakes to look? Thinking about all these things will then allow you to hire all of the professionals that you will be needing easily. You can also decide if you want to have your cake and other wedding food provided by the same caterers or if you have a special caterer creating your main wedding cake.


Having a theme for your wedding is not always necessary but if you are someone who is very indecisive and has trouble making decisions quickly, then having a theme for your wedding can make all of your other choices and decisions easier since you simply have to match the same style or colour.

Guest list

It is recommended that you start making your guest list as soon as the date for your wedding is settled as this can be very stressful due to the fact that you may have to face some very angry relatives if you forget to invite them to your wedding even if it was unintentional.